Established over 20 years ago, the Caterers Offshore Trade Association (COTA) represents six companies which supply catering and auxiliary services to offshore oil and gas rigs in the North Sea

COTA’s main priority is maintaining a collective focus on safety and service delivery for the benefit of our customers and our people. Together we employ over 3,000 employees, including chefs, bakers, stewards and administrative team members.

COTA has two key roles:

Employee Terms and Conditions
Every year COTA companies come together to review the current terms and conditions for employees. This includes wage rises and holiday entitlements. These terms and conditions are negotiated with the two unions which represent a proportion of our team – RMT and Unite.

Health and Safety Requirements
Offshore installations in the North Sea are subject to very stringent health and safety requirements. COTA companies meet to ensure these requirements are exceeded for the benefit of customers and employees.


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COTA Agreement for 2021-2022

COTA Addendum update 10-05-2022 Covid 19


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